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TEKNIMED is a company recognised globally for its know-how and the quality of its products. Our innovative, patented medical devices contribute numerous scientifically-proven solutions to clinical surgery.

TEKNIMED designs, develops and manufactures more than 30 products for:

  • Synthetic bone substitutes
  • Orthopaedic cements
  • Cements for vertebroplasty / kyphoplasty
  • Resorbable polymers
  • Resorbable ligaments

Teknimed offers a customized research and development service.
Our wide experience in the field of medical devices guarantees you the best result and the necessary confidentiality. Our teams integrate engineers, doctors, quality managers and physicians. Each project is monitored by a manager carrying a periodic and accurate evaluation.

You can modulate and customize the following services:

  • Product Development
  • Prototyping
  • Technicals advices
  • Medical advices

Teknimed develop custom products
We often develop bespoke solutions for clients with particular requirements.