Project Description


A’LINK‘S® Set for Rotator Cuff repair with the A’LINK‘S® Anchor system

A’LINK‘S® Set are composed of a complete set of instruments.

The SET contains:

  • Ø 5.5 mm Tap
  • Ø 6.5 mm Tap
  • Combo Grasper
  • Trim cord suturwire cutter
  • Suture manipulator grasper
  • Knot manipulator full  loop
  • Suture leader 70° right
  • Suture leader 70° left
  • Clever hook right
  • Clever hook left
  • Hammer
  • Container


  • Optimum adaptability
  • Functional
  • Resterilisable
  • Simple to use


The A’LINK‘S® Set is supplied in a container that can be resterilised by autoclaving.

Complete SET T067500
Ø 5.5 mm Tap T067501
Ø 6.5 mm Tap T067502
Combo Grasper TAG-622200
Trim cord suturwire cutter TAG-231200
Suture manipulator grasper TAG-601200
Knot manipulator full  loop TAG-301200
Suture leader 70° right TAG-232012
Suture leader 70° left TAG-232022
Clever hook right TAG-328332
Clever hook left TAG-328342
Hammer 820010.25
Container T067599


This device is cleared to be sold on US market
Class : I