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Project Description

Bioabsorbable PIN

Bioabsorbable pin

The range of bioresorbable pins is mainly indicated for the fixation of small bone fractured in epiphyseal area.

• It is suitable for upper and lower bone extremities as well as pediatric indications.

• It is made of 100% poly(70/30;L/DL)lactide. This PLA  follows controlled degradation process.

• Pins are stable during 8-10 months after implantation. Then pins are hydrolyzed in situ and totally replaced by bone after 24 months.


  •  Controlled degradation
  • Synthetic & biocompatible
  • Easy to use
  • Mechanical strength
  • Divisible


T7100220 Ø 2.0 mm x  L 60 mm
T7100224 Ø 2.4 mm x  L 60 mm


CE: 0499
CE number is being changed, our regulatory service is at your disposal for more information.

Class : III