Project Description


Bio-absorbable Cement Restrictor

CEMSTOP® aIIows a sealing of the medullary cavity before the introduction of acrylic cement during hip arthroplasty surgeries.
CEMSTOP® Iimits the cement progression into the diaphysis, and facilitates cement pressurization.


• is completely dissolved within a time lag of 1 to 15 days after implantation.(1)
• facilitates hip revision surgery minimizing bone Ioss during removal of cement.
• has specific elasticity properties thanks to its gelatin based composition.(2)
• is biocompatible. (3)
• offers a very simple surgical technique thanks to its instrument set composed of an inserter and trial plugs in order to measure the femoral shaft diameter.

(1) Internal report CLAV020320 – (2) Internal report CL090518 – (3) Internal report 092/3/PERB


Designation References
CEMSTOP®  ø8 mm T770008
CEMSTOP®  ø10 mm T770010
CEMSTOP®  ø12 mm T770012
CEMSTOP®  ø14 mm T770014
CEMSTOP®  ø16 mm T770016
CEMSTOP®  ø18 mm T770018