Project Description


Surgical Cement with Antibiotic

GENTAFIX® 1&3 are radiopaque and self-hardening bone cements
• Containing Gentamicin, an aminoglycoside antibiotic
• Dedicated to arthroplasty surgery
• Allowing immediate and stable anchorage of implants
• Responding to the needs of surgeons, 2 viscosities for 2 types of applications:

GENTAFIX® 1: high viscosity bone cement for manual application

GENTAFIX® 3: low viscosity bone cement with an optimum fluidity for an easy application with syringe or injection gun


  • Mechanical properties above ISO 5833 standard
  • Low exothermicity in situ
  • Low release of monomer
  • Stable fixation of implants
  • Suitable viscosity
  • Barium sulfate as excellent radiopaque agent
  • Easy to prepare with a bowl & spatula or in a vacuum mixing system


Designation Reference
GENTAFIX 1® 41.6 g of powder and 14.4 g of liquid T040140G
GENTAFIX 3® 41.6 g of powder and 14.4 g of liquid T040340G


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