Project Description


PMMA acrylic cement with antibiotic

GENTAFIX 3 & 3 MV® is a PMMA acrylic bone cement loaded with gentamicin for fastening prostheses to the bone during orthopaedic surgery.

GENTAFIX 3® is a low viscosity, self-hardening cement recommended for application using a syringe.

GENTAFIX3 MV® is a ready-to-use, medium viscosity cement, specifically developed for the latest medical cementation techniques.

GENTAFIX 3 & 3 MV® contains an aminoglycoside antibiotic, gentamicin.  Its wide spectrum of activity makes it effective against the majority of bacteria responsible for infections associated with orthopaedic surgery.

It comes in the form of an ampoule of sterile liquid monomer and a sachet of sterile polymer powder.

The product complies with the ISO 5833 Standard.


  • Significant salt release
  • Easy mixing
  • Reduced infection
  • Suitable viscosity
  • Long application time
  • Optimal waiting time


Description Reference
GENTAFIX 3® 40g T040340G
GENTAFIX3® MV 40g T040341G


CE 2797
Class: III


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