Project Description

High V+® Spinal Cement System

High viscosity Injection System + Mixing System + Radiopaque Bone Cement

Today, 30% of women over age 50 are victims of fracture caused by osteoporosis.
Half of these osteoporotic fractures involve the spine and result in vertebral fractures.
To treat these fractures, there is a technique: vertebroplasty. The main complication encountered during vertebroplasty is asymptomatic cement leakage during the gesture.
In order to reduce these leaks, the indicated cements for vertebroplasty have evolved to become more viscous.The rheological properties of these cements require the use of a new type of mixing systems and injection.

The HighV+® Spinal Cement System have been specially developed for the range of ultra high viscosity cement.

HighV+® Spinal Cement System is composed of:

  • One dose of HighV+® Radiopaque Bone Cement.
  • One Mixing System which allows obtaining a perfect mixture of cement.
  • High Viscosity Injection System in order to inject easily the HighV+® Radiopaque Bone Cement


  • Ultra Strong
  • Reduced radiation exposure.
  • Ultra high viscosity system
  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Homogeneous mixture by epicyclical movement
  • Ready to use
  • Easy transfer
  • Smooth injection


HighV+® Spinal Cement System


CE 2797
Class : I Sterile