Project Description

High V+® Spinal Cement System

High viscosity  Spinal Bone cement & injection system

HighV+®  Spinal Cement System is a high viscosity injection system designed to withstand high pressure injection, combined with a unique high viscosity radiopaque bone cement.

Its main advantage is to reduce the risk of leakage occurrence during vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty procedures.

HighV+® Spinal Cement System is composed of :

  • One dose of HighV+® Radiopaque Bone Cement.
  • One Mixing System which allows obtaining a perfect mixture of cement.
  • High Viscosity Injection System in order to inject easily the HighV+® Radiopaque Bone Cement


  • Ultra Strong
  • Easy transfer
  • Ultra high viscosity system
  • Safe
  • Fast & simple
  • Homogeneous mixture by epicyclical movement
  • Ready to use
  • Reduced radiation exposure
  • Smooth injection


HighV+® Spinal Cement System