Project Description


Medium Viscosity Surgical Bone Cement with antibiotic

ORTHOCEM 3G MV is a medium viscosity radiopaque and self hardening bone cement specially designed for cementation techniques such as under vacuum.

It contains an antibiotic from aminoglycoside family (Gentamicin) well known for its broad spectrum of activity and its efficacy against most of the bacteria responsible of infection in orthopaedic surgery.


  •  Mechanical properties above ISO 5833 standard
  • Low exothermicity in situ
  • Low release of monomer
  • Stable fixation of implants
  • Adapted viscosity for a long application time
  • Perfectly suitable for vacuum mixing
  • Rapid and long term release of gentamicin to cure or prevent infections


Designation Reference
ORTHOCEM 3G MV 41.6 g of powder and 18.8 g of liquid