Project Description


CEMSTOP® diaphyseal restrictor set

The CEMSTOP® set ensures the implementation of a CEMSTOP®flexible biodegradable diaphyseal obturator in order to plug the medullary cavity before introduction of the bone cement. A CEMSTOP®obturator prevents the cement from flowing into the diaphyse, facilitating thereby its pressurization.

6 obturator sizes are available to fit perfectly in the medullary cavity.

Instrumentation has been specially designed to choose the good size of CEMSTOP® obturator according to the medullary cavity and ensure his simple and functional integration.


  • Optimum adaptability
  • Functional
  • Resterilisable
  • Simple to use


The CEMSTOP® set is supplied in a container that can be resterilised by autoclaving.


Designation References
Complete set instrumentation T067700
Restrictor inserter  T067701
Trial Plug Ø8 T067702
Trial Plug Ø10 T067703
Trial Plug Ø12 T067704
Trial Plug Ø14 T067705
Trial Plug Ø16 T067706
Trial Plug Ø18 T067707
Container T067799
White teflon sleeve T067701-P5
Screw T067701-P6


CE : 0086
This device is cleared to be sold on US market
Class : I