Project Description

TEKCEM® 1 & 3

Surgical Cement

Radiopaque and self-hardening bone cements.

• Indicated for arthroplasty surgeries

• Immediate and stable bone anchorage of implants

• Cements ideally respond to the needs of the surgeon, 2 viscosities for 2 types of applications :
TEKCEM® 1 : High viscosity bone cement for manual application.
TEKCEM® 3 : Low viscosity bone cement, with optimum fluidity to allow an easy application with a syringe or injection gun.


  • Mechanical properties above the ISO 5833 standard
  • Low release of monomer
  • Stable fixation of implants
  • Final rapid hardening reducing risk of prosthesis micromovements
  • Barium sulfate as excellent radiopaque agent
  • Easy to prepare with a bowl & spatula or in a vacuum mixing system


Designation References
TEKCEM® 1- 40 g of powder and 14.4 g of liquid


ORTHOCEM® 3 – 40 g of powder and 16.4 g of liquid