Project Description


Vacuum mixing & injection system

The mechanical stability of PMMA bone cement during arthroplasty procedures is a very important issue. Although intrinsic formulation of bone cement is essential, its preparation plays a vital role.

VACUUKIT® has been designed to contribute to the porosity reduction during the preparation of bone cement by applying vacuum and thereby increase the mechanical stability.

VACUUKIT® is a vacuum mixing & injection system composed of:

  • A reservoir which is used for mixing and as injection cartridge.
  • A funnel to properly fill the reservoir with the powder and liquid components.
  • A mixer plunger with filter to prepare a high quality PMMA bone cement.
  • A tube to apply vacuum during mixing and avoid air bubble entrapment.
  • An injection handset for a safe and comfortable injection.


  • Reducing monomer release
  • Easy to use
  • Simple, efficient
  • Constant and Reproducible mixing
  • Homogeneous mixture
  • Safe, no contact with the product
  • Controlled injection
  • Disposable
  • Ready to use




CE : 0086
Class : IIA